Feature Items

  • GoPro Hero 3 3.5mm Mic Adapter

    GoPro's Hero 3 3.5 Mic Adapter connects any external 3.5mm microphone to your Hero 3 camera. It is compatible with Hero 3 cameras only. [more]

  • Salomon Escape 7 Pilot CF Boot

    Salomon's Escape 7 Pilot CF boot is a real bargain boot for the general cross-country ski enthusiast. Whether it's for general touring at the tracks or out behind the… [more]

  • Salomon Pilot Sport Skate Binding

    Salomon's Pilot Sport Skate is the standard in cross country skate ski technology for maximum control and power transmission with easy step-in and user friendly step-out… [more]

  • Salomon S-Lab Skate Pro Boot

    Salomon's S-Lab Skate Pro has been the top-of-the-heap performance boot for a few years now. The technology put into this boot is amazing, and it's even lighter and… [more]

  • Salomon Snowscape 7 Waxless Ski

    Salomon constructed the Snowscape 7 Waxless Ski with wide, stable dimensions and sturdy, lightweight Densolite 1000 core to create a mid-sized cross country touring ski… [more]

  • Salomon Active Pilot Combi Boot - 2013

    With a supportive, articulated Heel Cuff construction and Smart Structure chassis, this version of Combi boot is incredibly supportive. With its combi Pilot… [more]

  • GoPro Head Strap with Quick Clip

    Capture your ride from new and exciting angles with GoPro's Head Strap Mount. It's incredibly adjustable and fits over some helmets or just over your head so you can… [more]

  • GoPro Hero 3 Anti-Fog Inserts

    Use GoPro's Hero 3 Anti-Fog Inserts to combat cold and humid environments that can fog up your footage. These reusable inserts last approximately four uses and can keep… [more]

  • Salomon Vitane Pilot CF Combi Women's Boot

    Salomon's Vitane Pilot CF Combi Women's Boot is for women who want a comfortable performance boot that does everything well because of the custom fit, a supportive cuff… [more]

  • Salomon Thermo Glove - Womens

    Salomon's Thermo Glove has Thinsulate insulation bonded to the face fabric, so it stays warm and doesn't bunch up. Stretch back with minimal velcro closure fits well… [more]

  • Salomon Pilot Equipe Skate Binding

    Salomon's Pilot Equipe Skate Binding brings to bear full edge power and total control. Designed for control, power transmission and torsion rigidity, the Pilot Equipe is… [more]

  • Salomon Vitane Carbon Skate Women's Boot

    Solomon's Vitane Carbon Skate Women's Boot is the women's version of the RS Carbon Skate. This Vitane Carbon is the best bet for women who want a comfortable, high… [more]

  • GoPro Grab Bag of Mounts

    Your adventure can take you through varying conditions, which is why GoPro's Grab Bag of Mounts gives you all the options you need to capture great footage. Each mount… [more]

  • Salomon Siam 7 Pilot CF Boot

    Salomon's Siam 7 Pilot CF is the women's version of the Escape 7 Pilot boot. The Siam incorporates all the same features, only designed around the shape of a women's… [more]

  • Salomon S-Lab Vitane Skate Women's Boot

    Salomon's S-Lab Vitane Skate Women's Boot was the brand's lightest skate boot at 1200 grams per pair before the advent of the Carbon S-Lab models. This lower pricepoint… [more]

  • Rossignol Delta Skating Junior Ski 14/15

    The Delta Skating is a reasonably-priced competition ski for strong juniors. It features an Ultra Air core, keeping the ski lightweight, with the traditional Rossi… [more]

  • Salomon SNS Propulse RC2 Classic Binding

    Salomon's SNS Propulse RC2 Classic Binding is designed to deliver a kick feel that's closest to race model bindings on the market. The RC2 is a classic binding that is… [more]

  • Salomon Equipe RC Carbon Pole

    In Salomon's Equipe RC Carbon Pole combines ightweight performance with durability and ease of use. This all-carbon pole is especially suited for masters and junior… [more]

  • GoPro Auto Charger

    Perhaps the best time to charge your GoPro camera is in transit, and with GoPro's Auto Charger, you can make the most of the commute to your adventure. The dual USB port… [more]

  • Salomon XA Manual BC Binding

    Salomon's XA Manual BC Binding is a backcountry binding made for use with the Salomon X-ADV boots. The XA Manual provides more stability and control thanks to reinforced… [more]


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